Wedding Car Hire in Nepal

Published Date: 2018-11-23

Are you searching for a flexible wedding car rental company for wedding car hire in Nepal? Are you worried about your life’s greatest day; wedding day? You’d obviously be! But no worries! You just have arrived at the correct place! Welcome to Nepal Car Rent company! As a leading car hire company in Kathmandu, we offer a wide range of wedding car hire throughout Nepal. Not only that, but we also provide our car renting service for other traditional events in Nepal. Our team is proud to make our customers’ special day as special as ever. We believe that your wedding car should be the car of your dreams!
Every second of a wedding day is a celebration that becomes unforgettable, unchangeable, and gives you golden memories throughout your life. Everyone wishes to make his or her marriage day as special and unique as they never had attended. On your bridal day, you want to capture each eye towards you. And now with our luxurious and affordable wedding cars hire in Nepal, you not only get an image but also that feel of royalty when your wedding car enters the venue.  Appreciations, what we expect to hear from our loved ones for every single arrangement made on our great day.
Starting to prepare for your wedding ceremony, it’s always important to hire a car in Nepal early for your very special day, to avoid frustrations and disappointments. Guys, don’t you feel that your wedding day is a huge celebration? Let’s imagine, how you feel when everyone is waiting outside just to admire and praise you when you exit from one of our wedding cars! Isn’t it a royal feeling? You know, first impressions always last! Every wedding starts with a grand entry of the bride and groom. As so the vehicle in which the lucky couple arrives in plays a vital role in this big event. We all wish to be treated royally on our wedding day.
There are some hidden things you just don’t find out about until your own wedding day. Don’t worry we will go through the basics on how to plan a wedding. Planning a grand entry on your life’s big day is done by renting a car for a wedding from our professional wedding car hire company! For us, customers satisfaction and happiness value the most. Besides the luxurious car, our drivers are professional yet, friendly. They are conscious of time, traffic rules and know the alternative routes of Nepal. Don’t worry about your luggage, our professional drivers are always there to take care of the vehicle and its belongings while you enjoy the celebration of your special day. To our drivers, we provide parking fee, fuel, accommodation, and meals price.  Nepal car rent company’s team are delighted to deliver a top-class service to all our elegant and charming bridal couples. Having planned the entry of your wedding, the rest goes smoothly from picking out your marriage clothes, jewelry, ceremonial items, food, and beverages.
Nepal car rent wedding cars vary from SUV (Sport-utility vehicle) like Tucson to luxurious Saloon cars like Santro and Kia. Our wedding cars are modern, luxurious, well-maintained, and well-functioned. These different brands of cars are provided at a considerable price to our customers. Our team is glad to announce that our luxurious, modern, and amazing wedding cars are getting popularity right across the country. Due to our excellent service record, and providing these affordable cars to weddings, many future couples want to enjoy our service. Our clean and stylish wedding cars make sure to keep your precious dress in perfect condition and lighten up your glowing mood brighter than ever.
Our car rental company is one of the most famous companies for wedding car hire in Nepal. We believe in delivering a customer-friendly service. Provide us with your personal details like your name, address, date of the marriage, and contact number. While hiring a car, share what brand of car you need, distance to travel, and the number of people. Choosing a branded car for your wedding day can be confusing as there are a lot of types, brands, and colors to choose from. We have a special professional team of advisors that will help you choose the perfect wedding car according to your budget and taste.  These cars rental packages are grounded on hourly, daily, and even weekly basis.
Mark your special day as special as anyone from your contact list with Nepal car rent company in Kathmandu! Every marriage should be unique. We at Nepal Car Rent, believe in this and want to make every wedding car looks personalized and glamorous. Choosing out different decoration for your wedding car can vary from classical designs to more fashionable designs. Let us know your price budget for decorating your dream car (extra charge can be added depending upon decorating materials). Our team assures you, it will be your best experience ever and forever.


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