Rent Luxurious Car In Nepal

Published Date: 2019-02-15

Are you looking to rent a luxurious car In Nepal? Then stop searching it and head towards We are the best luxury car for rent provider in Nepal. While there appear to be others, Nepal Car Rent is well-established and has five years of experience in delivering outstanding luxurious car rental service in Nepal. Luxury and premium car, jeep, SUV, 4WD jeep are available for rent in Nepal. You can enjoy the vehicle rental for your holiday, business or personal employment. Luxury Car Rental Service is offered in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lumbini, Chitwan and other major Nepalese cities.
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Another way to get into the wild areas of Nepal is driving a luxury car. Nepal Car Rent offers the best luxury cars in Nepal that will help to keep your escape going smoothly. If the word luxury is used, everyone will be frightened by the cost of a luxury car. Don’t worry. You can rely on us to supply luxury cars in the best affordable luxury car in Nepal. People usually come to us to make a happy trip or business trip to rent a luxury car in Nepal. After getting the cheapest luxury cars in Nepal from us, many people become surprised. While talking about the luxury car in Nepal, you cannot find Mercedes, BMW, Lamborghini or Audi for rent because of its expensive cost. Fortuner, Prado, Scorpio, Honda Civic are some luxury cars that can be available here.
Why are the luxury high-end cars in Nepal not available?
Nepal does not produce any vehicles so that 100% of the four wheelers come from abroad. And it is somehow terrible and always faces the traffic issue and narrow roads if you talk about the roads of Nepal. In addition to the absence of any trains, all public transport services are available between four-sitter to 30-sitter buses. This led to a demoralization of luxury seekers by Nepal, which exercises high duty and taxes on the import of four wheelers of any type.
Whether it's Tata Nano or Mercedes Benz, they both fall under luxury items and are exposed to high import duties and taxes. Probably Nepal's cheapest car cost at least a million rupees, equal to USD 10K. Recall that in Nepal there is no such noticeable price difference between luxury and low-cost car rental. We only try to change the practice of renting a car as our customer prefers.
Features of Nepal Car Rent:
  • Simple reservations.
  • Enjoy the highest level of comfort.
  • Customer Satisfaction.
  • Smooth Plans.
  • Quick and Safe payments.
  • Smooth Quotation.
  • Best Price Guarantee.
  • No hidden cost.
  • Experienced Drivers.
  • 24 Hours and 7 Days Service.
  • Fast Response.
  • A wide range of brands and vehicles.                       
However, we still offer professional services and our rates in all possible cost details even with the cheapest luxurious car rental service. So, once you have fixed the deal, Nepal Car Rent (P) Ltd. will be the final deal price. Book your trip to Nepal with confidence and enjoy the best. For a query, fill in the sidebar form or simply browse our Contact Us Page to rent a luxury car in Nepal.


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