Car Rental in Pokhara

Published Date: 2019-02-19

For your luxury trip to and from the Pokhara valley, we offer the service of car rental in Pokhara. Along with drivers and several branded cars, we guarantee you that your ride will be enjoyable. As a tourism point of view, Pokhara is Nepal's second busy city. You can, therefore, rent with us an affordable and best car. You can rent a new vintage car model, brand-new cars or even a luxury car. We offer you the best service of economic car rental in Pokhara. Our Car rental company is the topmost one in Pokhara, Nepal.

   About Pokhara
   Pokhara is considered a heavenly place in Nepal. It offers natural beauty, beautiful lakes, waterfalls, clean streets, and interesting cultural backgrounds. For tourists and even locals, it's a favorite destination. It is commonplace for traveling by car in Pokhara. A beautiful spot as the second largest Nepalese lake, Fewa Lake. You will be speechless by the beautiful view of the lakeside. Boating in the Fewa lake is a great experience for tourists collecting the lovely memories of life. Begnas Lake is another must-visit lake with its fascinating natural setting that attracts tourists. Rupa Lake has a fascinating view of nature. You get a great experience from Devi's fall scenic beauty. This place is always packed with waterfall enthusiasts. Besides the richness of the charming lakes, Pokhara also has religious and historical temples like the temple of Barahi, which is the largest religious monument. The temple of Bindbyabasini, with the pigeons flying around the temple, and a World Path is another significant place to visit.

 How to Rent a Car In Pokhara
  Car renting is still not easy in Pokhara. However, car rental companies in Pokhara are increasing day by day. You can fill up our website form or speak directly in a phone to make multiple options to book cars. Choose the car you want from the fleet list and click the book button immediately and ride your car. Within a few hours, we will provide you with detailed data. Once the price and date have been finalized, pay the reservation amount by the bank and you're all set to go.

  Car Rental Price In Pokhara
  The rental cost depends on the car brand, size, and distance. The cost of various kinds of cars has been made available on the site. Sometimes the costs can appear different if there is no clear communication. Try to make a clear understanding before the reservation of the car.

   Available Rental Fleets
  It might not be as simple to find a company providing good Car Rental Services in Nepal, as there are numerous agencies operating in Nepal that claim to provide high-quality service. But the type of service it offers in a relatively less expensive is a unique feature of our company. Nepal Car Rent has a wide range of varieties including Pokhara Car Rental, Kathmandu Car Rental, and Chitwan car rental services. We also have a car, Hiace, Jeep, Scorpio, and Taxi rental services.
 In Pokhara, we have many types of branded vehicles to rent. We have international branding cars such as Mercedes - Benz, Toyota, Ford, Kia, Suzuki, Land Rover, Geely, Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, Volkswagen, TATA, Volvo, etc.

 Booking and Cancellation
 In Pokhara, a car can be rented by paying the advance fee and sending the main person, who wants to rent the car to Pokhara, a copy of their passport. Include also the clear details of the date of rental, number of visitors, start/end place and the total time of use. You will receive a voucher for the use of your car after you have paid your pre-booking amount. In case of Cancellation, do visit our company or contact us directly.
  However, we still offer professional services and our rates in all possible cost details consider being the cheapest car rental service in Pokhara. Book your trip to Pokhara without worry and enjoy the best. For any query, fill in the sidebar form or simply browse our Contact Us Page.


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